Indiana Seminar Wrap Up, Part 1


Thanks to Jim Katris, Chad Stevens and Jason Thoman for having Rosendo Diaz out to their academy, Absolute Fitness Academy in Warsaw, Indiana this past weekend.  A great showing for both the submission grappling and gi seminars.  Thanks to all that came out.



Special thanks go out to Kevin Rhinehart for bringing out his team from Ohio.


Congratulations go out to the following individuals that were promoted at the seminar.

Bambi Shafer – 2nd stripe white belt – Ground Level Martial Arts

Cody Motes – 3rd stripe white belt – Ground Level Martial Arts

Joe Thacker – 3rd stripe white belt – Ground Level Martial Arts

Rob Daze Dejene – 4th stripe white belt – Ground Level Martial Arts

David M Moss – Blue Belt – Ground Level Martial Arts

Terry Shaw – Blue Belt – Absolute Fitness Academy

Tim Roe – Purple Belt – Absolute Fitness Academy

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