NAGA Results, 3G



Congratulations to all the members from the 3rd Generation Jiu-Jitsu Team who competed recently at the NAGA Philadelphia Grappling Championships.  Their hard work and determination helped out team come out with 3rd place in the adult gi team division.  Thanks again!!!!



3G Promotion Ceremony


February 17, 2013 is quickly approaching.  Jump on over to our EVENT PAGE and let us know you’re coming if you haven’t already.  So far the response has been excellent but we really need to know who’s coming.


If you don’t know about this event, then please speak with your 3G affiliate instructor.


Event date:  February 17, 2013 – 10:30am

Seminar instructor:  Phil Migliarese, 4th degree black belt under Relson Gracie from Balance Studios

Two New 3rd Generation Jiu Jitsu Team Black Belts

Our 3rd Generation Jiu Jitsu Team Gathering on Saturday, July 16, 2011 was an absolute success.  More pictures and video of the event to follow, but first we would like to congratulate two of our affiliate instructors on earning their black belts during the promotion ceremony on Saturday.


Shane Mock of Berks County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy, located in Sinking Spring, PA  and Aaron Morris of World Class Martial Arts in Delaware County, PA both having trained in Gracie Jiu Jitsu for many years were invited to join the ranks of black belt in the 3rd Generation Jiu-Jitsu Team.


We congratulate them on their commitment to the art as well as the effort and time they each have put into learning and mastering the art of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.



New York Open Results

Congratulations go out to our 3rd Generation Jiu Jitsu Team members that competed in this weekend’s Internation Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation’s New York Open. 



Aaron Morris, head instructor at World Class Martial Arts in Delaware County was forced to compete 2 weight classes up in the Master’s light weight brown belt division.  Even against the heavier opponents, Aaron was able to secure a 3rd place finish.



Shaun Raber of Harrisburg Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy competed in the purple belt Master’s feather division and in short order defeated his opponents securing his 1st place finish.


Job well done!