March Madness

March is here!  It’s time to start training in the most effective form of martial arts in the country.  If you always wanted to try, then this month is the best time to start.  For the month of March, if you join our team you will receive a free training gi.  You will still get 2 weeks to try us out absolutely for free and we’ll even loan you a gi for your trial period.


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An Older Video Technique

Sunday, February 12th, 2012 No Commented

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Check out this video of a knee bar from the half guard.



Naga Philadelphia Results

Congratulations go out to the members of the 3rd Generation Jiu-Jitsu Team that competed recently at the Naga Philadelphia event.



Zack Hertzog (Berks BJJ) 2nd place teens intermediate gi and 1st in teens blue belt gi

Mike Hinton (Berks BJJ) 2nd place over 50 beginners gi.

Dylan Royce (RDBJJ Academy) 1st place intermediate no-gi

Jeremy Thomas (Equipe Morris 1st place teens blue belt.

Jennifer Purcell (Equipe Morris) 1st place women’s white belt.

Edwin Lopez (Equipe Morris) 3rd place beginners no gi and 2nd place white belt gi fly weight

Larry Griest (Equipe Morris) 2nd place men’s white belt

Chris Kline (Equipe Morris) 1st place men’s blue belt gi

John McKee (Equipe Morris) 3rd place men’s blue belt gi