Visiting Instructors

November and December were the months of visiting instructors.  We are so thankful to our friends;


Professor Eamon Knittel, from 127BJJ Manayunk, PA

Professor Fadi Khouri, Energy Fit, The Woodlands, TX

Professor Aaron Morris, Equipe Morris, Holmes, PA


For visiting our new academy and taking the time to teach and pass on their knowledge to our members.   In February, we look forward to having Professor Luis Rosa, from Harrisburg BJJ out to teach a class, stay tuned for more information. These special classes are free to our members, so take advantage.




Benefits of private lessons


The Benefits of Private Lessons


Private lessons, while not typical in most styles of martial arts, has become a major part of training and development of the overall jiu-jitsu game. For the beginner, the private lesson provides the student with a strong base from which to expand his/her training. Your instructor will focus on the specifics of the basics and will give you the tools to enable you to self correct your game.


For the intermediate or advanced student, private lessons give them a chance to work on developing a specific game. It can also be beneficial for working on problem areas. Overall private lessons with your instructor, regardless of your training level, will give the tools to super charge your training!


Our instructors are available for lessons Monday through Saturday at our Chalfont location.  For more information on one on one lessons, Click Here!